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    Our Materials  

Choosing the right materials is at the forefront of each collection, and in many ways is the most important part of the design process.

All materials are selected based on the conservation on natural resources, and we prioritise options that are organic, plant based, recycled, circular and cruelty free. In tandem with material DNA, our team focus on finding responsible suppliers who have values which align with our own.

We keep exploring and using the newest innovative materials the industry has to offer and keep researching how to improve our materials with each collection created.





Piñatex is a vegan leather alternative made from the leaves of the pineapple plant, a byproduct of the fruit industry which are traditionally discarded or burned. Adding value to this waste has created a new source of income for farming communities who otherwise rely on a seasonal harvest. Once the fibre has been stripped from the leaf the leftover biomass is retained to use as a natural fertiliser or biofuel, offering a further economic prospect.

To maintain your Piñatex bag, we recommend regular natural waxing to maintain its features. Marks can be cleaned with water, using a damp soft cloth or sponge. Piñatex® is water resistant, not waterproof. To keep Piñatex waterproof we recommend regular application of a waterproofing spray.




Apple Leather

Apple leather is a bio-based leather alternative derived from the apple industry food waste. An innovative new material that is made with cellulose fibres left over from the juicing industry, the waste is recovered from the region of Tyrol in Italy, which is renown for the production of apples and apple juices that every year is faced with a significant amount of waste (Currently are estimated about 30,000 tons of apple wastes)
Giving the waste a new life in powder form what is used to substitute oil derivatives such as PU with 100% organic industrial waste. As a result Apple skin has lower emissions and lower energy consumption across the entire supply chain by utilising waste.

Vegea - Grape Leather

Vegea is a biobased material made from grape residue from the wine industry in Italy. Vegea works with Italian wineries to add value to the grape residue leftover from Wine production, meaning the grape skin, seeds and stalks are used to create a new vegan alternartive to leather.

The manufacturing process begins with the extraction of bio-oil from the grape seeds and combining this with the seeds, stalks and other natural fibres from agriculture, through a patented process, to create a textured, soft leather-like material, backed with 78% eco-composite organic cotton and 22% water based PU.

Organic Cotton

In most of our linings we use organic cotton. The organic cotton we get is from the Aegean and is purchased from the Netherlands. Our supplier is GOTS certified
which means the organic cotton we get is:
  • no GMO
  • no harmful chemicals
  • no child labour
  • no dyes or inks that have been classified as allergenic

Organic cotton properties are: In the cultivation of organic cotton, no pesticides are used, insects are combated in an environmentally friendly manner. Weeds are not sprayed but removed mechanically or manually. Picking the cotton balls is done manually, without defolating the plant first. GMO is forbidden.
In addition, much attention is paid to the necessary restoration of the soil (through natural fertilization) and to water management.


Bio Veg -Corn  

Bioveg is a bio-based leather made from GRS certified 27% recycled polyester and 73% bio based mass content that comes from non GMO corn crops and is made in Italy.
BioVeg has a smaller environmental impact than petroleum based alternatives and emits significantly less CO2 emissions.

BioVeg is highly durable, strong and water resistant. It’s a PETA approved material that is soft to the touch and closely resembles real leather.

Recycled Polyester

In some of our linings and also outer layers of bags we use recycled polyester that is made in Italy. The production is simalr to that used for paper recyling, in which no harmful chemical substances are used. The recycled polyester contained is derived from polyester fibres (t-shirts, clothes) and PET bottles (mostly plastic water bottles). Recycling polyester means reducing energy by 80% compared to traditional petrol based polyester production process.  

Re-Purposed Wood

We are collaborating with a furniture factory in Athens in order to collect their wooden offcuts which would otherwise be discarded or burned. We then take the offcuts and make them with wood artisans into our handles. This way we utilise waste and create something new. Our wooden handles are durable and coated with natural and water based laquers. Since we repurposed wood in the construction of our handles some variances might be visible from each bag or even each handle. But we believe that's what makes each bag unique!
To take care of your wooden handles make sure they don't fall too often on the ground as that risks damaging the wood. Make sure you keep them away from damp spaces for long periods of time. If the surface of the wood feels a bit rough you can rub a sheet of paper and run it until it feels smooth again.


We will always strive to keep improving every season. We aim to progress, learn and evolve to reduce our impact and
operate as sustainably and ethically as possible.

If you have any questions about our materials and how to care for them please contact us at


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