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Protecting the Environment

We are Mashu.

The vegan handbag label creating arm candy to be cherished for life.
Our mission is to create beautiful handbags that don’t harm our planet, its animals, or people.

With a unique and ever evolving approach to how we do things, we are focussed on optimising lower impact and less polluting practises across our entire business. We know that a perfect, sustainable product does not yet exist, however our small team are passionate about doing what we can to minimise our environmental impact, whilst finding ways to embrace and celebrate the joy that fashion brings to so many of us.

Our values go beyond just better materials and doing less harm. We believe in providing our stakeholders; customers included, with the information they need to understand exactly how their bag came to be, and what kind of impact it’s had on the planet and people. By doing this, we hope our customers can make honest,informed purchasing decisions with us.

We’re on a journey of exploring style and sustainability in tandem. Thank you for joining us on the ride.

A Bag For Life

Our ethos has always been to buy less, and buy better. We offer all Mashu customers complimentary repairs on their bags for life. By doing this, we aim to encourage a slower consumption mindset, where Mashu customers see their bag as something to be cherished for a lifetime, not a season.

Why Not Leather?

Leather is not sustainable.
Between the tannery and the dye house, leather receives multiple applications of chemical preservatives,
colorants, stiffeners, and modifiers to give it its desired finish. These additives are harmful to the environment
and human health, and make the material impossible to
On top of the leather production process, animal husbandry is one of the leading causes of climate change,
due to the heavy use of resources needed including land, water, food and fuel.
As a brand, we are acutely aware that some vegan leather alternatives can be just as harmful in terms of resources used. That’s why we spend a huge amount of our time researching to find the lowest impact alternatives to leather available in the market. Our efforts, findings and solutions are ever evolving.

Mashu is proudly PETA approved vegan.

MASHU X Renoon App


“Transparency in our supply chain is crucial. You cannot begin your sustainability journey without knowing
where everything comes from, and who has made it.”

- Ioanna Topouzoglou, Mashu Founder + Creative Director


In a world of greenwashing and misinterpretation, we wanted to verify our sustainability claims with a third-party verification to help us evidence that what we say is what we do. By being as transparent as we can, we hope to build meaningful, trusting relationships with our community. Our partnership with Renoon App allows us to share evidence-based credentials for each product.

You can find product transparency labels on the bottom of each product page.



No matter how big or small, we try to re-invest as much as we can to protect our planet. We partner with TreeApp to plant 5 trees for every bag purchased. By planting trees, we can increase carbon capture, revitalise species and provide social and economic benefits to local communities.
The planting activities are performed by local tree-planting NGO’s, who make sure every single tree they plant benefits endemic species and localcommunities.



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